Strategy in Online Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack, while one of the most popular online gambling games, like online poker, suffers from one disadvantage. This is in the fact that the game is designed to favor the house, meaning even with perfect play, one can expect to lose at least a little bit in the long run – at least without a very generous bonus casino.

To play blackjack tournaments is another story. Since these tournaments pit blackjack players against each other, a player can win every time. Indeed, one player always wins, since the house does not play. For this reason, it behooves online blackjack enthusiasts to look into tournament play.  Those seeking no risk should stick with something free and easy such as online basketball games.

How Do Online Blackjack Tournaments Work?

In an online blackjack tournament, you are seated with other players at a virtual blackjack table. The goal is to end up with more chips than any other player at the table. In a multi-table online blackjack tournament, the top one or two players from the table will move on to another table of winners. Players begin with the same amount of chips and play a fixed number of hands, usually between fifteen and thirty. Whoever has the most chips at the end of the round wins. As in online poker, there is a rotating “button” which determines who will bet and act first.                

What is the Strategy for Online Blackjack Tournaments?

In tournaments, the blackjack strategy is all about bet sizing. It is assumed that except in special situations where deviations may be called for, all players will be using basic blackjack strategy to determine whether to hit, double or stand. Therefore, the only way you can get a real edge on your opponents is to outwit them with your betting. This is why the button, which decides who bets first, is so important. Remember that in most cases, most players will have the same result, since they are facing the same dealer. Therefore you want to save your big bets for the right moment when you play casino online. If you make a much larger bet than any of your opponents and everyone busts, you have given your opponents an edge without having to do any work. You will often want to make small bets until you can assess your situation relative to your opponents. One popular option when acting last is to bet just enough that if everyone wins their bets, you will have the chip lead. This way you will be ahead if everything goes well, way ahead if it goes perfectly and not too far behind if things go poorly.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Keep in mind that doubling and splitting are important strategies that you cannot use if your bankroll is all at risk. Putting your last 5000 down and being dealt two eights that you cannot split can be disastrous, so try to put in no more than half your remaining stack unless you absolutely have to in order to have a chance at winning. Also, remember that no matter how skilled you are at blackjack, it will often take some luck and practice before you can take home an online blackjack tournament trophy.